JMU Dining hikes meal plan prices as sales fall $18 million

How much are meal punches at JMU really worth, do students feel they’re getting fair value with meal plans and do they know if they aren’t? The Madison Business Review sought to answer those questions after JMU Dining Services set out to raise meal plan prices for the second straight year after the pandemic caused on-campus meal sales to slide 36% year-over-year in the 2019-20 academic year.

Fearing finals? Employers want creativity, not higher grades

Finals week is here, and anxiety is in the air. JMU students are feeling the pressure as a semester’s worth of work comes to an end, but much of it is self-induced and unnecessary. Employers and psychologists are pushing back on conventional wisdom that grades are an accurate reflection of aptitude and mastery of subject material, calling into question the merit of pulling all-nighters, cramming information up until moments before the test and even cheating.
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